Wall Sconces and Candle Holders for Your Home Decor

I once rented a flat that had electric light wall sconces. It was a traditional building, an authentic architectural antique. I loved those wall sconces; these people were beautiful and incredibly lit the bedroom well. I miss them.

I miss them because these people were my “first”. Today I have sconces in my walls – in a twist of fate I decided to search non-electric! It commenced innocently enough…

I’d decided to travel all-out for the anniversary with my Significant Other, and wished to try my hand at romance. Now, romance isn’t an issue that comes naturally if you ask me so I did some online detective work and turned first to candles.

Obvious and straightforward choice, but I was concerned with the safety factor. After all, I planned to get those candles burning at any given time I wouldn’t be repaying any attention directly to them. And you guessed it: that’s when I discovered wall sconces for candles! Not only are they a good alternative to candles looking at flat surfaces but they’re also permanent – you will be romantic whenever. (Did you recognize you could get silk rose petals to scatter for people special anniversaries?)

So that’s what started it. The next group of sconces was premeditated: when I needed sconces to complement our bedroom decor I found these really crazy, great sconces and couldn’t forget them. I started searching the house for any place they’d look good – so certainly they’re hanging immediately in the downstairs bath. (Did you already know burning candles eliminates unpleasant bathroom odors?)

Then there was this great Mystery Party – you already know, everyone also comes in costume, plays out unknown and guests should guess who the villain is. We wanted “mysterious” candle lighting at the front end entry, but devoid of the danger of lighting a guest’s costume racing. Enter more wall candle sconces! We love the lighting a whole lot we utilize them all the time when we’re expecting guests.

Of course the dogs were in charge of the next wall sconce purchase. They love spending evenings around on those times, but those tails are dangerous! We were having a whole lot fun with your other new wall sconces we chosen to put them around the deck too, and today enjoy lit candles well outside the reach of these wagging tails.

Our neighbors caught the wall sconce craze and they’ve even attached some to trees inside their yard – well below any branches certainly!

We’re undecided where the subsequent wall sconce location are going to be, but we’re keeping our options open. I just saw some candle sconces carried out a mosaic that would look good somewhere…
I once rented a high-rise apartment that had electric light wall sconces. It was a historical building, an authentic architectural antique. I loved those wall sconces; these were beautiful and intensely lit the area well. I miss them.

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